Horwich Author writes Psychic Novel

3 Jun 2019 12:09
Published by: Daniel Almond


Local Author, David Hatton, has released his second novel, The Medium. David, 31, lives in Horwich and has set his latest instalment in Manchester where he used to live. The book follows the story of Michael Walker, who has to broaden his beliefs when a psychic approaches him about the whereabouts of his missing wife. But is she all that she claims?



“My first book, The Return, was set in America and I wanted to ensure this one was based a little closer to home.” says Hatton, “the psychic goes on to help the Bolton Mayor recover a lost photograph of his late daughter. It’s a small nod to the place I now call home.”


David’s first novel, The Return, was set in New York and covers the death-defying Marty Hahn who attempts a life insurance scam after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It went on to receive five star reviews.


Both novels are out now on Amazon and are available as an e-book or paperback.


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